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Hi !!! This is a work in progress....Check back often for changes.

Hello! My name is Peggy and my life has really been changed by some tiny furry creatures....It all started with Cosina. We met in a pet store and she wouldn't let me go home without her. I knew nothing about ferrets except what I had heard a Miami talk show host, Rick of Rick'n Suds say about them because his wife Carin Riley is involved with Broward Ferret Rescue and Referral . Then I went on the Internet and found there were so many people who love ferrets and found my way to Ferret Friends on Prodigy.

Special Thanks to two other people I met online for always being there to answer my questions since the beginning. Mike Janke of South Florida Ferret Help Line and also Al Gearhart who talked me through Cosina's being sick the second night I had her.

Meet the Gang!!

Cosina..She started all this :-)

Next came, "Tina Turner"(What a dancer!)

Cosina (tired of Lassie reruns) races my dog Muppet for the remote

Fendi liked to play cat and mouse with Tina

(Most often Fendi played the mouse)

Our Fendi went to the rainbow bridge April 13, 1999

Cosina and Muppet discussing the latest Modern Ferret Magazine;-)

Missy, friend Lady Brady and Muppet when we were back in warm Miami

(Dear Missy went to the Rainbow Bridge January 17, 2000)

Then we moved to State College, Pennsylvania

"She didn't tell us about this!!"

"Look at those poor dogs out in the snow! LOL!"

Missy and Muppet like it much better here since they met
our new friend, a little angel named Breanna

Shannon is Breanna's "puppy" :-)

Click below to see..

The girls shopping at Wiscoy Pet Food Co.

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Here they have Pennsylvania Ferret Rescue Association with Mary McCarty here in the Centre County

See the Adoptable Ferrets at Mary's shelter

Mary from State College,PA....Click to see one Mellow Furkid

BTW...Great News!

Weaser from Mary's shelter has become Cosina and Tina's
big brother! Weaser is no stranger to the Internet. He modeled for the Get Dooked Page

Ferret Math...June 1999!

Our own "Spice Girl", Nutmeg and...

a little dynamo...Lilah !

Ferret Math Strikes Again March 2001!

Matlock is big and very funny boy :)

Cute little Fuzzy was a foster and now is one of our family

Nieva wasn't doing well and Mary (Centre Co. PFRA) sent her here for
one on one TLC.. She has won my heart and may not be a foster much longer :-)

Your local shelter might need foster homes

If you have the time and space, I can't tell
you how rewarding it is to give an abandoned
ferret TLC and a regular home. Often they
are the ones that are difficult to place in a
new home due to age or illness. The shelter
pays all medical expenses and you get the love :)

Muppet was very lonely when Missy left us. She now has a new
little girlfriend. Sweet Lucy is a retired "showgirl"


Some time has gone by and there are some new kids here now

Please welcome Miss Wanda :)


little Gigi


sweet Pixie :)


Click here for Midwest Playpen modifications courtesy of Tina and Cosina **the TV is optional ;-)


Fantastic Ferret Photos

The people I have met on Ferret Friends on Prodigy Classic are from all over the country and are always willing to answer any question or point you in the right direction with patience and great humor. Click to see pictures of their ferrets

Sally from Pittsburgh, PA

Sally came to visit with all six fuzzies The Ferret Road Trip

Bill from Harlingen, TX

June from Independence, MO

Kim from New Jersey has a site with terrific ferret information

Corrie from Bayonne, NJ has a cool Ferret site
and who inspired and guided me in starting this page

Christina from "Petsburgh" has a great ferret page

Michael and Lisa from Glen Ellyn, IL

Dan from MI

Megan from Baltimore, MD

Bev from England

Angela from Independence, MO

Betty from PA..visit her Fuzzyland Rebels page :)

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